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Jack Woehr at COMMON PowerUp 2019

Jack Woehr
IBM Champion, Qiskit Advocate, frequent COMMON presenter, and noted open source contributor.

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What I Don't

Ublu Midrange and Mainframe Life Cycle Extension Language The Ublu Language
My Quantum Computing Open Source Repos
IBM Champion 2023
IBM Champion 2023
IBM Champion 2022
IBM Champion 2021
Qiskit Advocate
IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Contributor - 2022
IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Advocate - 2022
Qiskit Advocate Mentorship Program Fall 2021
Qiskit Advocate Mentorship Program Spring 2022
IBM Quantum Challenge 2020
IBM Tech U Speaker
IBM zDay Speaker Advocate - 2022
Cobol Programming with VSCode
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