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Jack Woehr at COMMON PowerUp 2019

Jack Woehr in private practice, IBM Champion, a frequent COMMON presenter, and noted open source contributor to IBM i and IBM Q.

Jack Woehr on Twitter Open Source ¤ IBM i ¤ IBM z ¤ Quantum Computing

What I Do

What I Don't

Ublu Midrange and Mainframe Life Cycle Extension Language The Ublu Language
My Quantum Computing Open Source Repos
IBM Champion 2021
IBM Champion 2022
Qiskit Advocate
IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Contributor - 2022
IBM Z and LinuxONE Community Advocate - 2022
Qiskit Advocate Mentorship Program Fall 2021
Qiskit Advocate Mentorship Program Spring 2022
IBM Quantum Challenge 2020
IBM Tech U Speaker
IBM zDay Speaker Advocate - 2022
Cobol Programming with VSCode
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