"Folks who have studied scores of programming languages, worked in all kinds of environments from microcode to mainframes, capsule summaries don't explain what they actually do for a living.

"What such programmers do is simplify. The broader their scope on a project, the easier it is for them to perform boolean reduction on the requirements, reducing the amount and complexity of source code.

"They become process people. While their target is fulfillment of requirements, their focus is always upon clear design, ease of coding, documentation, support and maintenance."

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Jack J. Woehr


PO Box 51
Golden, Colorado 80402-0051

email jwoehr (at) SoftWoehr.com

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My career:
  • programming electronic digital computers from microcode and embedded controllers to Java, C++, web applications and mainframe development.
  • designing systems and software
  • writing content for the web
  • leading teams inspired by shared vision

I'm an accomplished practical programmer with over a quarter of a century of broad industry experience and a deep theoretical grasp of computer science. I'm also a leader of teams and departments with business understanding. In the past ten years I have consulted to or been employed by various organizations as a "bootstrap" Director of Development, establishing a new or re-establishing a collapsed programming team, training, melding and mentoring a team, creating the processes for software development success, then handing over to a "house" Director of Development.

I am a former contributing editor and guru blogger to Dr. Dobb's Journal. I authored MT Books' Forth: the New Model and co-authored O' Reilly Associates' NetBeans: The Definitive Guide. Until recently, I've been writing Open Source fulltime. My Open Source projects include FIJI the Forth-ish Java Interpreter and PigIron Java Class Library for z/VM SMAPI Programming. I am a committer on JCurses. I have also contributed to OpenBSD and to the Apache Ant Project.

Among others, I have consulted to (alphabetically) : Embark on an archeological tour of some of my technical studies and practice : Other interests include :
  • music
  • linguistics
  • chess
  • cold water swimming

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